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The company

About Kronos

We are technology providers for the traditional and new energy industry; delivering fully integrated projects, products and services.

Kronos Engineering is an argentine company that was created from a team of professionals that wanted to solve efficiently and innovating the most demanding technological challenges of the oil and gas industry.

Work team

Our engineering department comprises a multidisciplinary team that allows us to offer solutions in all stages of a project, starting with feasibility studies or improvement analysis, up to detailed engineering execution and provision of goods as process equipment and packaged units.


For a long time, we have participated in a large number of expansion projects, revamping, new plants, upgrading of plants and equipment, studies, research and development that allowed us to established ourselves in the market.




Finished projects


Framework contracts


Presence in countries

Commercial alliances

We are permanently creating strategic links with different companies, but there are three commercial alliances that allow us to obtain greater access to the national and international market, technological use and risk minimization due to the implementation of economies of scale.


We are currently working on our quality management system and adapting our methodology to what is established in ISO 9001:2015

Work in Kronos