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We provide comprehensive engineering, supplies and construction services, as well as project management.

Project types

Fitness for services (FFS1)

Based on API code 579-1 / ASME FFS-1, we can determine if it is possible to continue operating the equipment under normal parameters or altering operating conditions (reassessment), if the repair is feasible and in such case the definition thereof, or if the equipment should be replaced.


We have our own personnel for inspection and technical supervision of equipment and installations in their different stages, such as manufacturing, assembly and commissioning.


Kronos Engineering is formed by a multidisciplinary team with solid experience in the development of packaged units.
We have the ability to fully define the process engineering for the requested design conditions, pipe and equipment sizing, design the skid’s general arrangement, structures and equipment’s mechanical calculation, piping stress analysis, execute the detailed engineering for manufacturing and finally carrying out manufacturing inspections and controls.


We have the necessary tools and experience to provide a firm support when carrying out new ventures, technological innovation and carry out productive developments in all types of industries.


We have an engineering department trained to perform calculations and redesigns in terms of equipment and pipe technology, updating them and ensuring its functionality and thus being able to adjust the Facilities capacity.
We also carry out Debottlenecking studies to identify the bottleneck in the plant.



Process equipment

Package units

Piping and pipelines

Heat exchangers

Crane equipment

Fitness for service


Storage and transportation equipment


Special developments

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