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We combine the use of powerful simulation engines with knowledge of multiple disciplines involved in the oil & gas, nuclear, steel and mining sectors, providing added value to the results obtained from the simulation work.

The use of numerical methods applied in computational calculation tools enable the resolution of a wide range of engineering problems, considerably reducing analysis’ times and investment costs in pilot tests or physical prototypes.

Finite element analisys (FEA)

  • Linear / Non linear static
  • Implicit / Explicit dynamic
  • Stationary / Transit thermal
  • Mode analysis
  • Time studies
  • Structure buckling
  • Post pandeo
  • Spectrum response
  • Armonic
  • Composites
  • Vibrations
  • Acoustic

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

  • Permanent / non permanente Flow
  • 1 phase flow
  • Dispersed Multiphase Flow
  • Particulated flow
  • Mass & Energy transfer
  • Superficie libre
  • Mass & Energy transfer
  • Thermal/mechanical analysis
  • Fluid/structure analysis
  • Viscoelastic flow
  • Combustion